It’s never too late

We come across of countless hurdles in life and every hurdle brings us a hope that maybe after this, it will be a new start. But is it? Do we change or do the people around us change? We just learn the lesson and try to move on. Sometimes we don’t even learn lessons and …

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As much as she was waiting for this, She couldn't hide the feeling of skittish; Tick-tock the clock struck, Finally, the moment of conjunction. The look so heart whelming, Contrasting the curve to his beam. Sitting across the table, Completing one by the eyes of affection; Mocking became the zone of comfort, Sharing candy with …

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  It was only few days that I started to drive, Even keeping it straight was a strive; How people remould startled me at the time, As changing the gear baffled my mind. Hitting the speed of a pedestrian, Perceived the importance of being leaden. Checking the signals before crossroads, Kept me aware of the …

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In a world full of cakes Whole in it's own way, From flavors to frosting; Each bite felt overwhelming, Having the perfect mould. Filling the sweetness in the soul! Different, even when it's an apery; Just like, You're a cupcake to my bakery.